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If we build it, they will come.

Design DNA

We design and build digital products ranging from our neighbors' web sites, to Fortune 1000 companies.
Our DNA: 40 years of design and UX dating back to the brick & mortar world of global brands.
We do everything in-house from our flexible work spaces in Seattle and Saigon.

UX Research

UX research starts with defining the problem before the solution.  We help you to understand who your user is, what that user really needs, how existing applications help the user to meet those needs, and what opportunities exist for you to improve the user experience. Then we design.


Design interprets the results of UX research into intuitive workflows. Then Visual design shapes and improves the experience by orchestrating a symphony of illustrations, media, typography, space, layout and color, resulting in a product with aesthetic appeal that is optimized for use.


We build what we design. From web-site templates to enterprise solutions, from iPhone apps to cross-platform tools.  Our experience spans many verticals including e-Commerce, Security, Productivity, e-Learning, and role-based multi-user platforms.

How we do it.


Our Experience

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Our team


We didn’t start out as “UX Designers.”  We are made up of industry professionals from product marketing, software project management, graphics design, illustration, animation, web site design, javascript developers, and back-end developers. Together we support the focus of Qamera: user experience, design and build in the digital world.

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More than a Working Space

We are proud of our work place. QSpace is a comfortable working
environment where you can network with innovators.